All aspects related to new aircraft acquisitions, completion management, acceptance and delivery services, registration and operations.

Nexus Aviation offers a complete package of services for new aircraft acquisitions, including:

  • assistance / negotiations with the aircraft acquisition
  • assistance / guidance for the selection of optional equipment
  • assistance for the spec meeting / selection of materials colors / amenities
  • complete project management, requests for technical upgrades and improvements
  • ensuring no damage is inflicted on aircraft, and no parts are removed for fleet support
  • assistance with the determination of flight test(s) profile, performance of cold soak and test flights
  • general assistance with the delivery proper
  • assistance and guidance for the selection of the Operator.
We have supervised and delivered over 100 aircraft projects, covering all manufacturers and most models
Recent projects...

…include Airbus A318 Elite, A319CJ ,BBJ 3,  multiple Falcon7X and Falcon 2000LX, Falcon 8X, Bombardier Challengers 300, 350, 605, 650, 850, Global 5000 and 6000, Gulfstream G-650, multiple Gulfstream G-600, G-500, G-550, G-450, Embraer Lineage 1000, Legacy 600 and 650, Phenom 300, Learjets, Citations and Hawkers. Currently engaged on Falcon 8X, Falcon 2000LXS, Gulfstream 600, Global 7500, multiple Falcon 6X, among others.

We find that most of our business is generated by direct referrals from our customers. Further, unlike most completions managers, we are available to follow the aircraft in service with our recurring audit service.

Concerning the selection of options and the some of the materials, our on-going experience with in-service aircraft, as well as with sales and acquisitions, allows us to offer important information on the relevance or importance of certain options.


Audit Services

Audit of operations, maintenance, and financial statements

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